Wolfwalkers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - LP Vinyl

Wolfwalkers - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - LP Vinyl

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In the cinema, the composer must go to meet the filmmakers, enter their world, but without giving up his own. This is the difficulty or the paradox of music for the image. By collaborating with directors from a wide variety of backgrounds, I think I have indirectly discovered a lot about myself. It helped me to progress, to explore territories that were not naturally mine. Cinema is a laboratory where I have sought to construct original orchestral formulas combining Corsican polyphonies, musicians from jazz, variety, classical, or even rappers. Like the world today, a fragmented world where all cultures mingle. So said Bruno Coulais, one of the most innovative composers of contemporary cinema, during the tribute paid to him in 2011 at the Cinémathèque de Paris

Whether it is about author's films or more mainstream films, Bruno Coulais maintains the same standards, always considering his art as a window open to the world. Much less wise than it seems, he reveals in it a gift of a modern alchemist and a very personal way of mixing the most diverse cultures in universal harmony at work.


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1. Wolfwalkers Theme by Bruno Coulais

2. Wolves by Bruno Coulais

3. Running with the wolves(Wolfwalkers Version) by AURORA

4. Mechanical by Bruno Coulais

5. Wolf or Girl by Bruno Coulais

6. I'm a Wolfwalker by Bruno Coulais

7. Howls the Wolf (Moll's Song-Wolf Run Free) by Kíla

8. Our Forest by Bruno Coulais

9. What are you doing here? by Bruno Coulais

10. This is Intolerable by Bruno Coulais

11. Please Mammy by Bruno Coulais

12. My Little Wolf by Bruno Coulais

13. Our Victory by Bruno Coulais

14. Follow Me by Bruno Coulais

15. Mebhs Tune by Kíla

16. Robyns Tune by Kíla